“Excellent day - I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in dogs. I think it was suitable for both dog trainers and dog owners.”
“Enjoyed the seminar very much - Toni is a great orator, speaking with a relaxed manner, that is perfect for the audience to absorb what is being said. Interesting and informative with an air of fun, I thought it a superb talk that held my concentration throughout. It reinforced much of my present thinking towards my canine family members but loved the information that was new to me and am sure my dogs will thank you very much for helping me understand them better.”
“Toni has made a huge difference to Badger, and has given me a lot of knowledge and techniques to use at home. Storm has also had TTouch from her at different shows, and loves it. Toni is amazing with animals, she communicates on their level and fascinates me the way she connected with Badger in a very stressful situation, for him, in a hall he had never been to before and with an audience. I have never met anyone who sees so much communication from what I see as a slight movement or a glance! Janice Bridges”
“Hi Toni, thought I'd share with you how t-touch is helping Febee! She's allowed me today to clip 6 claws which is amazing for her as she would pull her paws away and tuck them underneath herself! But she has allowed me to clip 6 so far in one session after doing clouded leopard touches for the past 3 weeks. I'm in awe of how fantastic t touch is! Both her and Pablo have been wearing their wraps every other day for a few minutes and they are much more aware and focused when we train. Thank you so much for the workshop, t touch continues to be a part of our weekly routine and I'm really seeing a difference! Kayleigh.”
“Hi Toni I am pleased to report that Byron is a very happy boy. He and Wellington are both enjoying TTouch. My house has been transformed to a peaceful doggy haven again and the buys are playing happily together just like they used to!  Thank you ever so much for sharing TTouch with us and providing invaluable advice and support. Paula.”
“Hello Toni It’s been over a year since Missy and myself visited you. We have been working with Dog Communication, in Missy’s rehabilitation. I have used the body wraps at home and out-and-about, keeping Missy calm and balanced. At the Dog Communication classes we have been using ground work techniques, which I have used since we had the sessions by your garage.”
“It’s been a long slow path to calmness for Missy, with her first chilled out visit to the vets yesterday. Wearing her body wrap, and lying calmly on a piece of bedding she let the vet check her over and make the necessary inoculations. This was a defining moment for me, after 2 years concentration and training (and that is just me). At home she still gets excited, and some days we do get the wrap around, and it’s like a “chill pill”. This has been a stress reliever for everyone. I still use the strokes and hand movements that we discussed to reinforce the calming effect. Sometimes even along the gum line.”
“I got a copy of your book last year, it was a really good read. And I have been watching the videos as they are published. They are great snapshots of information. ”
“I thought you might like to hear how we were getting on, I just wanted to share good news. Kind regards Celia Stocker and Missy”
“Thank you again for a very absorbing, thought provoking day last Saturday at the TTouch demo - I took a lot away from it and felt able to 'have a go' at home. I used a body wrap on Spryte plus attempted some gum rubbing and springboks one evening, when I would have usually ended up pursuing the behavioural time out routine to contain her excitement. I have to say even my non-believing Husband had to admit there was a definite result gained!! I have tried a little out on my 'don't touch me' boy too, and he's started presenting his shoulders for attention in the evenings-it's lovely to be able to do something for him that doesn't seem to be stressful for him. I am really looking forward to learning more myself, and seeing you work with Spryte more. Kind regards, Karen Cameron”
“Hi Toni Do you remember Macci? He has come such a long way – supported all the way with TTouch! I do feel pretty proud of his progress, no more tail chasing, biting himself, collapsing from fear, crying, depression, clumsiness and flashbacks. Now we’re working on social skills! Christine”
TTouch cat and small animal workshop
I had a fabulous evening on Zoom with your workshop, thank you so much. I loved every minute of it, and so did Patch, (cat), who very magnanimously decided to come out from under the bed at the perfect time for me to start working with her. 
I’ve done a few little moves with her since, nothing too full-on. I have to tell you, I had the best miracle this morning. For the 1st time ever in the 8 years I’ve had her, she came and curled up on my lap and fell asleep. She stayed there for 2 hours, getting off once to stretch, then straight back on she came. My face was a picture - I think I held my breath for a good 30 minutes, too afraid to move a muscle and spoil the moment. 
It’s too much of a coincidence not to be related to the TTouch, I have no doubt about that. It’s amazing and I am truly on cloud 9 to see my beautiful cat so happy and relaxed.
“Thanks to the brilliant help, advice and training from Toni we have a happy and more confident dog😊 Plum has been such a good girl over the last 12 days in Cornwall. We are learning to trust her again and she is reacting very happily to the dogs we've met on the beaches.
About 18 months ago she had started barking, growling and sometimes being very dominant towards other dogs. It made us very nervous and concerned and took all the joy out of walking her. We never knew how she would react. Toni assessed her for us and suggested she saw a canine chiropractor as she wasn't moving well and had a cold tail.
The chiropractor found 4 or 5 areas in her spine that needed manipulating. She responded really well. We then had 1 to 1 sessions with Toni to correct the behaviour she had learned while being injured. It's taken time but we couldn't be happier seeing her back to her old playful self.
“Hi Toni,
I met you at the ‘Help my dog is scared of fireworks’ workshop you delivered with Family Dog Services in early October with Bryher my Golden Retriever. 
I wanted to thank you and share my experience of TTouch with you.  You may recall that my dog had a mystery lameness that is under investigation and as you can imagine it has been a challenging few months as she has been on restricted exercise and has therefore been rather lively at a time when we needed to keep her quiet! Following on from the workshop I continued practising the TTouch techniques that I had learnt from you and Bryher seemed to enjoy them and it helped to keep her relaxed.   
The lameness did improve so we went on holiday which involved a number of new experiences.   The first night, after a long car journey, we stayed in a B & B and on arrival Bryher was really unsettled so I tried TTouch.  I can’t thank you enough, within less than a minute she relaxed and went straight to sleep!  I also practiced TTouch on the boat, in various locations whilst away and have continued on our return.  
TTouch has also helped with Bryher’s anxiety of the dogs next door and when we had the occasional bark at fireworks, although fireworks don’t seem be too much of an issue which is great. 
“Its was a brilliant, insightful, valuable, hands on 2-day workshop. Thank you for the ttouch tuition”
“Hello Toni, We cannot tell you what a difference you have made in our lives with our deaf dog Layla. TTouch has made such a difference and some of the advice you gave us has given her so much more confidence particularly when wearing her muzzle! She did get physio for her neck pain and that did help but it was the underlying knowledge that you imparted that has made the long lasting difference so we wanted to say thank you for that. She loves being body wrapped and sleeps like a baby for a while, waking refreshed and calmer...she still has her issues but we deal with them differently now. We all read your books too and that was an eye opener! Ian and I went dog sledding in Norway this year and I was telling our leader about you and am sending her the books too. We have also booked a wolf walking trip so just thought you might like to know the impact your visit made. Alison
“I did the TTouch course with you last October that Claire Denyer organised but I've held off sending this e-mail as I haven't wanted to jinx how everything is going with Jack so fingers crossed this doesn't jinx it!

You may remember I told you the problem we'd had with bird scarers and that he bolted when he heard them. It was really scary as he very nearly ran into a really busy road. I wanted to get through this Spring with the bird scarers again just to see if he had really got better before I contacted you. I'm so pleased to say all is going well!

It has taken a while to get there and for months last year I had to walk him on a lead in a town park where he couldn't hear bird scarers but if he heard anything, a car door slamming or someone hammering in a garden, he would spin and try to bolt back to the car. It took lots of encouragement with praise and treats before he would start moving forwards again.

I was really worried about fireworks night but we did the TTouch which he really enjoyed and he was so much more relaxed than the year before when he tried to hide in a cupboard. He wasn't entirely relaxed but was relaxed enough to lay under the table and chew on a bone which was great.

In fact three weeks after fireworks night, a pub along the road reopened and unbeknown to us had a big fireworks display so we were totally unprepared for this when it started. Jack looked up when he heard the fireworks, then he got up and turned round and went back to sleep - hurrah!!! I can't tell you how pleased and happy we were.

Since fireworks night he has got better and better. I recall you saying that we might find our dog would come to us if they were frightened instead of running away. I remember thinking at the time how great that would be if that happened.

Over the summer the bird scarers stopped and he relaxed more and I started to walk him off lead at a Woodland Trust estate near us and as it isn't near any busy roads I felt safe there and he did start to relax again.

All through Spring this year he heard bird scarers and I worked with him so that if he hears a bang he sees it as a positive experience as I praise him and give him a treat.

He has settled more and more and now walks very happily off lead and if he hears a bang, guess what, he comes to me for a treat rather than bolting! Very, very happy!

He continues to do his agility and is getting better and better and loves it and looks very happy - I've attached a video of him doing agility earlier this year so you see him.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us to get a happy and relaxed Jack - he's never been this settled and calm before. Thank you Claire for introducing us to you as it has helped to make such a difference to Jack's life and consequently ours.

With very best wishes and thanks - Donna x”
“I recently had a 1-2-1 with Toni and my dog Maia via Zoom, due to Maia having noise phobia, which initially started with just fireworks, then the fish tank light when turned off, then the TV when it turned off, and thunder. Toni was fantastic and gave us a really good action plan and she taught me how to use TTouch on Maia as well. Within a week of putting Toni recommendations into place Maia is so much more relaxed, it has even helped when she sees a bike been ridden on the TV (another thing that would send her off into the kitchen hiding).

Since the one to one Maia has experienced thunder and although she did go upstairs to hide she was back down within a minute or two, I was flabbergasted as she would have stayed upstairs for hours before speaking with Toni.

If you are looking for a really good behaviourists, I 100% recommend you book a 1-2-1 with Toni. You will have no regrets - I certainly don't, for once I am not dreading bonfire night this year as I am confident by then Maia will cope with it and hopefully will come to us for some TTouch to help her stay calmer.

Thank you so much Toni for helping us, I really can't thank you enough. Lisa”
“Hi Toni
I really want to thank you for the last four sessions.  I've enjoyed working with you very much.  You have helped me to have a better understanding of Dylan's behaviour and have given me so many techniques to manage it.  You have helped my confidence and I feel I have learnt so much with all the games and training that I now do with him.  I did some groundwork with him yesterday and we both really enjoyed it.  I'm practising regularly what I have learnt, and Dylan responds well.
“Hi Toni
Hope you are well.
I wanted to give you an update on Sydney. We have put a lot of work in and followed all the instructions you gave us. She has become the most superb creature - very chilled, lost her people fear, and friendly with our other dog Raffy! She does a few tricks and follows instructions well. Very affectionate, even the doorbell is not a problem. So pleased we saw it through and thank you for your help Regards Dawn