Reactive to Responsive workshops for dogs

When: Fourth Friday and Saturday of every month.
Cost: £27 per session, (Payable in advance and non-refundable).
Location: Bledlow Ridge, near High Wycombe

Many dogs react to triggers – dogs, people, bikes, cars and so on. They struggle with situations we put them in and respond in a manner that, to us, seems inappropriate but to a dog it just means they don’t feel safe or they experience frustration. Many dogs continue to need support over a long period of time. As carers we have to manage our expectations and understand why they react and how much they can change that behaviour.
These on-going workshops allow you to practise the skills taught to you by Toni and Claire, in a safe environment to encourage your dog’s responsiveness to your training. The aim is to give you tools to manage and support your dog. We in turn will support you. We know it’s tough living with a sensitive dog, we have lived with it, breathed it and worked with these behaviour both personally and professionally.
What’s different about our workshops compared to other?
  • Very small groups with two experienced trainers/behaviourists to support you.
  • A wide variety of tools to help you and your dog be successful.
  • Only dogs in the class who are ready to attend and who have been assessed and worked with either Toni or Claire.
  • A support network though an exclusive closed Facebook page.
  • The flexibility to come to which ever days you want which means a mix of dogs your dog might not know giving you a more realistic situation.
  • Being monthly it’s less commitment for you on your precious weekends off.
Within the security of the workshops carers will be able to practise many skills, including:
  • Counter-conditioning
  • Tellington TTouch tools
  • Scent work
  • Lead work
  • Long-line work
  • Self-settling around other dogs and people
  • Decreasing distance between triggers…and much more
Please note:
Participants must have worked with either Toni or Claire on a one to one bases and be deemed ready to join the workshops to attend.
All dogs will be on-leash or a long- line at all times. A harness with two points of contact is essential for the workshop.
Owners are responsible for their own dogs actions at all times. Any incident leading to injury of an owner or dog is the sole responsibility of the dog’s keeper or owner.

To start working with Toni email her here (when emailing, please include your phone number or check your junk folder as my mail often end up there).

For more detail about the Reactive to Responsive program, visit (warning, this link will take you to a different website).