Reactive to Responsive Dog Academy™

Calming Emotions – Building Resilience- Managing Walks
I know it’s tough living with a reactive dog, having shared my life personally and worked professionally with this issue. Here at the Reactive to Responsive Dog Academy myself and the instructors provide ongoing support, teaching you skills to help your dog negotiate the difficulties that everyday walks throw their way.
Reactivity can take many forms, but if your dog:
  • Aggressively growls.
  • Lunges on the lead.
  • Aggressively barks.
  • Attacks dogs after greeting.
  • Shows avoidance behaviour.
  • Snaps at, or bites other dogs or people.
  • Displays behaviours deemed unsociable around dogs or people.
Then our services can help you.
We believe in using scientifically proven, kind methods that will increase your dog’s confidence, create a trusting and mutually responsive relationship, and gives you all the skills required to support your dog’s individual needs.
The Process
You will start by working in one-to-one sessions. This enables me to assess your dog’s needs, teach you core skills and ensure you are both successful when joining the group sessions. ​One-to-one sessions are provided during weekdays throughout the year.
Contact me via [email protected] to discuss (don’t forget to include your phone number).

Monthly classes
Group training is provided once a month, every fourth Saturday and the preceding Friday afternoon. Here you practice skills already learnt (and new ones) in a safe, controlled setting around other dogs and clients.
You can attend for as long as you wish. It’s a roll on roll off system so you may be paired with dogs further on in the program than you.
Classes are based in Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire.
There are two ways to progress beyond the Reactive to Responsive monthly classes.
Dog Club – if you enjoy training your dog but can’t attend a ‘normal class’, we teach a monthly dog club where the safe rules of the Reactive Class still apply but you and your dog can have fun together. We still practice some skills to help with his or her anxiety around others but also teach tricks, scent work etc.
Progression to Dog Club is by invitation once we feel you and your dog are ready.
Social walks – many anxious dogs don’t get the opportunity to walk in a group. Social walks are about practicing in real life situations but with the safety of Toni and the other instructors present. It’s also about your dog having a set of friends to walk with.
Progression to social walks is by invitation once we feel you and your dog are ready.
Why are our classes unique?
  • We hold small groups with two experienced dog professionals to support you.
  • We teach a wide variety of tools to help you and your dog achieve success.
  • You receive resources and support though an exclusive, private Facebook page.
  • Monthly workshops mean less commitment for you on your precious weekends off.
Within the security of the classes’, you will be able to practise many skills, including:
  • Counterconditioning.
  • Tellington TTouch Training tools.
  • Scent work.
  • Lead and long-line handling and techniques.
  • Self-settling around other dogs and people.
  • Improved impulse control.
  • Increased responsiveness to you.
  • Management tools for difficult situations.
  • Decreasing distance between triggers, and much more…

For one-to-one support see my prices here
Classes: £27.00 per month.
Social Walks £25.00 per walk.
Get in touch and let us help you and your dog prepare for the challenges of everyday life while helping you achieve confidence whilst walking!