Stress Management for Animals

Every animal goes through periods of stress and anxiety, whether it is young animals growing up or older animals who have had a fright or have had changes in their lives and are now worried about something. Emotional problems in pets can be difficult for owners to understand or deal with. Toni has decades of experience helping people come to terms with and manage their pet’s anxiety issues.

Talk to Toni if your dog is:

  • Frightened of noises
  • Fearful or reactive to others of their own kind
  • Fearful or shy of humans
  • Aggressive towards humans
  • Fearful or reactive to handling by you or a veterinary surgeon
  • Anxious of getting into,or sick in the car
  • Excessively vocal
  • Shy in new situations
  • Showing over the top behaviours like boisterousness, hyperactivity or mouthing
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Chases joggers, cyclist or cars
  • Shows stereotypical behaviours like shadow chasing, spinning or jumping
  • Doesn’t like their nails being clipped
  • Doesn’t like to be left alone
  • Fear of the lead or collar
  • Fear of pain either current or once an injury has healed
  • Fear of eye contact
  • Fear of veterinary treatments
  • Reluctant to go outside
  • Reluctant to go through narrow spaces like door ways
  • Fear of objects like umbrellas, fluorescent coats, walking sticks etc.
  • Submissive urination
  • Excessive chewing
  • Panic attacks & hysteria

Or any other emotional issue they may have. Even if they have had the anxiety for a long period of time, all is not lost and help is at hand.

Contact Toni today by email or phone her on 07747 862614 to discuss your dog, cat or small animals needs.
(when emailing, please include your phone number or check your junk folder as my mail often end up there).