Separation Anxiety Support

It can be so isolating to live with a dog that suffers from separation anxiety. There is also a lot of advice, good and bad, on the internet and on social media; but which is right? To help you through the training, the ups and downs and the triumphs, Toni offers long term support where she can guide you through each stage of training. It may seem like an impossible task but you can help your dog feel confident to be left. Toni’s dog is living prove of that; from a rescue dog who couldn’t spend 10 seconds on his own to a dog who is now happy to be left for four hours, (the longest time any dog is recommended to be left for at one time). To find out more contact Toni for more details.  Email Toni here (when emailing, please include your phone number or check your junk folder as my mail often end up there).