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Pet Remedy Summer of Love

Posted: 18/07/2023
Come and join me and other speakers for the free  ‘ Summer of Love’ event, hosted by Pet Remedy. A whole season committed to celebrating our love for dogs and promoting to the general public the very latest methods and understanding in dog training, behaviour and welfare. The underlying theme is communicating the importance of compassion and emotional wellbeing in the training and support of our dogs.
I have had the pleasure of contributing a video towards this event, and I hope you can share the information on your social media as well so we can get as many of the general public to engage with all the activities Pet Remedy have planned over the next couple of months.
There is also an opportunity for those in the UK to nominate colleagues in the Summer of Love awards – categories are for Trainer, Vet, Groomer, Rescue worker, Volunteer. This is a chance to recognise all those that are working to hard to make a difference in dog welfare and wellbeing.
The educational videos go live in August, but there is lots to get involved with now 😊
I hope you can tune in for my video in August and all the other great content 😊