HELP! My Dog is Scared of the Vet

It is inevitable that at some point in your dog’s life he will have to undergo treatment at a veterinary surgery. Many dogs struggle with veterinary procedures and some won’t even walk into the building! So how can you help your dog tolerate being handled by veterinary staff and how do you build resilience so he doesn’t carry that negative experience forward to the next visit?
In this book Toni Shelbourne gives you tools to help the fearful dog and clear detailed training plans to prepare him for veterinary intervention. The book includes:
Why your dog is scared.
Finding the right vet for you and your dog.
How to inhibit fear.
How to prepare for a vet appointment.
Ways to make a visit easier for your dog, you and your vet.
Available on Kindle (soon to be in paperback)
Extra support, calming products and holistic options.
Training plans for veterinary examination, routine procedures and vet equipment
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